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Who Needs a Will, Trust or Estate Planning?

Almost Everyone:

  • Anyone who has property in his name
  • Anyone who is responsible for minor children
  • Anyone who stands to inherit any titled property

How Can I Transfer Property When I Die?

  • Intestate Succession (State provided will)
  • By Will or Trust
  • Non-probate Transfers

What Is Intestate Succession?

  • The State of New Mexico has written a will for you
  • Your property goes to your heirs as directed by state law
  • It may or may not match your desires with regard to your property
  • Issues with Administration can arise

What is a Will?

  • A will is a written document stating your desires concerning your property and/or minor children
  • It is a contract with the state to allow the transfer of property after you die


  • Wills are VERY technical and must be written, executed, and witnessed properly under the state law
  • You get to pick the person who manages your affairs (called the Personal Representative)

Non-Probate Transfers (Not by Will, Trust, or Intestate Succession)

  • Joint Tenancy
  • Payable on Death
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Transfer on Death Deed


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