San Juan County Will Clinic With Saturday Appointments.

The Risley Law Firm has launched the San Juan County Will Clinic. with further clinics to be held the last Saturday of each calendar month (the month of April, 2015 and holidays excluded). The clinic is designed to provide basic estate planning services for those whose jobs prevent them from being able to visit a lawyer during the work week. Appointments are available in 2 hour blocks beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturdays. Call (505) 326-1776 to schedule your appointment. The office is located at 2705 Rabbitbrush, Farmington, NM 87402.

Basic estate planning includes a will, a durable power of attorney, a health care medical directive, and a HIPPA waiver so that immediate family may discuss your medical condition with health care professionals.

The clinic is designed for couples or individuals with less than a million dollars in assets who own property, have children, or both. Those with more complex estate planning needs (such as a business which one desires to pass on to the family, or complex family situations due to guardianships, children with substance abuse issues, etc.) should schedule an individual appointment to address those concerns.

There is no consultation fee, but there is a $100 no show fee if you do not come in for your appointment. You will be asked for a deposit of $100 at the time you make your appointment. The deposit will be applied to the fee for any work to be done or will be retained if you are a no-show. If you attend but decide not to have any estate planning done, your $100 will be refunded.

Here is how it works: After you make your appointment, an information sheet will be sent to you. The sheet contains information that will help you successfully complete the estate planning process. You will answer several questions on the form, and the attorney and his staff will follow up with you at the appointment to make certain all required information is provided and your wishes are understood.

At the beginning of each two hour block, the attorney will meet with up to three couples to make a presentation fully explaining the purpose and the mechanics of basic estate planning. Each document to be created will be explained fully. No personal information will be discussed or revealed during this period.

After the group presentation, each couple will be placed in an individual conference room and their personal needs and information will be reviewed with staff. After the private consultation is completed, payment for services can be arranged, a retainer letter signed, and a time scheduled for the person or couple to return to sign their estate planning documents when they are completed.

The normal fee for basic estate planning is $500 plus gross receipts tax. If your estate plan requires additional documentation not contemplated by the basic estate planning fee, any adjustment to the fee will be discussed with you and agreed upon prior to any work being done. In other words, no surprises on the fee.